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We are quite particular about the brands we recommend and provide. The best cosmetic brands are essentially available in our shop. Care is taken to select products that are specific for various skin types and skin problems. All of our brands have been dermatologically approved and are hypoallergenic.

Profoundly skilled Comestics Advice evaluates and chooses products based on their clinical experience treating skin concerns from throughout the country. The experts on our board are clinical professionals who keep up with the most recent ideas and global advancements in clinical research. This allows us to offer you a carefully chosen selection of goods that have been tested for suitability for Indian skin. Our website enables you to find products for specific skin conditions, recognise and search for products by skin type, and get doctor advice, suggested uses, and suggestions for complimentary products that go well together.


Comestics Advice carries products that address all typical skin and hair issues. Our product line includes high-end items for acne-prone adolescent skin care, child care, recent and post-shave skin care, cosmeceutical concealer and makeup lines for sensitive skin, and dermatologist-tested items for treating hair loss, dandruff, chapped lips, cracked nails, and for sun protection.

To help you locate what you want more easily, items at comesticsadvice.com are additionally categorised by their primary use or purpose. Generally speaking, cleans, face washes, body washes, and shampoos are items that cleanse. Items that moisten the skin often include moisturisers, lotions, and emollients. In order to treat specific skin or hair conditions like rosacea, wrinkles, pigmentation, etc., medications are typically serums, capsules, or moisturisers that contain active fixings or solutions.

Every suggestion and piece of advice on the website is impartial and provided by trained Comestics Advice. We encourage you to send us feedback at contact@comesticsadvice.com.

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